M2Fleet provides the world’s most sophisticated GPS fleet management solutions that help organizations develop company-wide management policies to improve driver behavior, enhance driver safety, and on-road productivity.

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M2Fleet used for vehicle tracking for customers range from Transportation, Logistic and others company manage their own fleet. Request a product demonstration to learn how M2Fleet’s solutions can help you achieve ROI.

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As an advanced end-to-end hardware and software provider, M2Fleet offers a comprehensive resource library to show you how being connected with GPS fleet management solutions can bring more power to your business.

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Why Your Business Needs M2Fleet System

Vehicles, trailers, cargo and even employees, it is a significant investment for your company with wireless technology can help you maintain your asset investments. M2Fleet system can provide a variety of benefits to the customer focus on increasing efficiency and fleet operational cost. You can use our suggestions, ideas and tools that M2Fleet system to provide and help you extend the life of assets, cut cost and provide to you the operational visibility in real time so that it can make decisions more accurately and quickly. With FM53 and Automatic Vehicle Location, you have following options to monitor fuel consumption.

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Fleet Management Solution

To choose a telematics solution, define your objectives, learn as much as you can about potential solutions, talk to providers, customers, and test solutions before you buy.

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M2Fleet implementation for the biggest Indonesian Cigarette Company, The vehicles used Mercedes Benz axor & actros , FMS adapter implementation to get real CAN bus Information
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