Vehicle Route Optimizing

Using a fleet of vehicles, pick up the objects of each customer and bring them to the depot. Each vehicle can service multiple customers, but it has a limited capacity.

The Vehicle Routing Problem is one of the most challenging combinatorial optimization task. This problem consists in designing the optimal set of routes for fleet of vehicles in order to serve a given set of customers. The interest in VRP is motivated by its practical relevance as well as by its considerable difficulty.

Besides the basic case, there is also a variant with time windows.

Hard constraints:

  • Vehicle capacity: a vehicle cannot carry more items then its capacity.
  • Time windows :
    • Travel time: Traveling from one location to another takes time.
    • Customer service duration: a vehicle must stay at the customer for the length of the service duration.
    • Customer ready time: a vehicle may arrive before the customer's ready time, but it must wait until the ready time before servicing.
    • Customer due time: a vehicle must arrive in time, before the customer's due time.

Soft constraints:

  • Total distance: minimize the total distance driven (fuel consumption) of all vehicles.

The capacity vehicle routing problem and it's time-windowed variant are defined by our platform