Fuel Consumption

Fuel is a very significant operational cost. Your business needs accurate and detailed data to quantify the results of your overall cost-saving strategy. M2FLEET delivers real fuel consumption data direct from the vehicle's CAN-BUS / DFM / LLS for each individual drive, and summarized over time in reports. Allows you to really measure and analyze your fleet's operational costs, identify possible areas for improvement.

Real monitoring fuel consumption by install fuel sensor extension, the sensor will read the actual consumption and sent using GPS devices to the server

Fuel Sensor

Fuel sensor integration to monitor fuel consumption for the actual usage of fuel / g4soline on the vehicle and sent to the server using GPS Devices.


With a fuel sensor installed in the vehicle, the report will display the date, total distance, maximum and average speed, the duration of the vehicle driving, fuel consumption and fuel efficiency, as well as the total amount of fuel used.