Job Dispatch

Optimize and improve your business with our powerful and easy job management tool.
Take advantage of your mobile devices and have your jobs under control.


Dispatch jobs to drivers using Garmin

Vehicle will receive all job details directly on to their garmin device extention or Mobile Data Terminal. Job Dispatch integrates with M2Fleet and Google maps for navigation. So, no time is wasted on going the wrong way.

Schedule tasks from your office to your Fleet

Job Dispatch allows dispatchers to schedule jobs online from any computer. This sophisticated tool helps businesses in many industries to organize and assign jobs to driver staff.


Up-to-date workflow monitoring

It is a easy way to track job progress and the location of staff. Their location and direction are shown on the map. GPS tracking saves time and can dispatch whoever is nearest to the job. When notified if a job is running late and the dispatcher can simply reschedule tasks.

Real-time reporting and messaging

This job management system also enables users to report and send messages about specific jobs. When the job is done an employee is able to photograph it as a proof.

Review and job history

Review tasks, staff performance and job history. See how much time is spent on each job and fully customize the workflow in the future. It is a good way to save money and reduce costs.