Electronic seal required by export and import / customs activity to reduce time and cost. This technology will monitoring shipment and secure it.

Technology should have main features to full fill customs requirement, i.e ( GPS Location capability, Lock and remote open / closed)

M2Fleet is fleet tracking provider that already implement GPS Eseal and integrate this device with M2Fleet Apps Platform.

3 Features GPS Eseal

Real Time Track

GPS Eseal will send location to server every one minutes and real time monitoring using M2Fleet web application.


GPElectronic Seal is lock and featuring with GPS, and could operate remotely using SMS, Application or by RFID


Reporting system for trip and idle, vehicle journey, GPS Eseal operationwhere the GPS Eseal Lock, unloack, Arrived at Wharehous and etc.


Device Specification

  • Simple Design
  • Big Capacity Battery and Long Working Time (12000 mAh)
  • Remote online monitor using SMS / Apps
  • Real time position monitoring
  • Safety Monitoring Alarms for illegal unlock.
  • Dimension 195 x 114 x 37 (mm)
  • Waterproof IP 67
  • Working Temperature -20 to 60 (Celsius)


  • Full fill Customs Requirement
  • Easy Shipment Monitring
  • Scure & Remote Controling
  • Effective and Efficient , Time and Cost Reduce
  • Reporting System