As an advanced end-to-end hardware and software provider, M2Fleet offers a comprehensive resource library to show you how being connected with GPS fleet management solutions can bring more power to your business.


Manual Book

  • Panduan Penggunaan GPS Eseal 0.1.5 (Download)
  • Panduan Penggunaan M2FLeet 0.1.1 (Download)

Overview Solution

  • Proposal M2Fleet to Customers v.1 (Download)
  • M2Fleet # Expert Tracking & Monitoring System (Download)
  • M2Fleet BSA Project (Download)
  • ROI Investment of complete with sugested solution (Download)
  • M2Fleet Eseal Solution v.1 (Download)
  • M2Fleet- Garmin-Optimize Job Dispatch (Download)
  • M2Fleet GPS Tracking System & Unilever (Download)
  • M2Fleet- TankCover Lock Integration (Download)


Android Apps

Sample Report