GPS Tracking for Vehicles and Fleets

M2Fleet's vehicle tracking solution consists of device vehicle tracking unit that is installed in each vehicle to be tracked, as well as the M2Fleet online web-based fleet tracking and management application.

A good GPS fleet management application does more than tell a manager where their vehicles or equipment are currently located. It provides data and tools that allow managers to make better decisions. Above all, it helps improve the bottom line.

M2Fleet's web based management tools deliver the information you need by providing a powerful, yet easy-to-use, online application. Whether you want a simple solution to just track your vehicles or a feature rich platform to do dispatching and fleet management, M2Fleet has the right solutions for you.

Key Truck Tracking Benefits
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Affordable solution
  • Save fuel expenses
  • Reduce labor expenses
  • Driver communications
“As for the trucks and trailers we own, we want to know where they are and where they've been - M2Fleet is like another insurance plan that provides peace of mind."

M2Fleet - A Powerful, Online Fleet Management Application

  • Easily access your fleet information - anywhere, anytime.
  • No software to install or maintain with our web based application.
  • More than a dozen reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for future delivery.
  • Over three dozen user-defined alerts that can be sent via email and/or cell phones.
  • Review and analyze historical data to improve fleet utilization.
  • Increase fleet efficiency by monitoring idle time and driving habits.
  • Eliminate "out-of-route" trips.
  • Eliminate unauthorized, after-hour vehicle usage.
  • Automate fuel tax reporting.
  • Decrease fleet maintenance cost.
  • Improve customer service.
  • 24X7 access to your fleet information.
  • Identify Drivers/Trips using Driver Key Fob/iButton.
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M2Fleet's online system provides over a dozen reports that can be used to efficiently manage the fleet. Reports can be used by dispatchers for day-to-day management of fleet operations. These reports are also a valuable tool for historical analysis of fleet operations by upper management, accounting, payroll and other personnel within the organization.

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Alerts, Maintenance Reminders

The Alerts feature can be used to manage the fleet by exception. Over 40 different alerts can be set up for any given vehicle based on various operating thresholds (speed, restricted zone entry/exit, usage, etc.). The designated personnel will be alerted via e-mail automatically when the pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

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Want to stay in touch with your fleet while on the move? M2Fleet is a version of our web based fleet management application specially tuned to work on Smartphones/Tablets such as iPhone/iPad, Android based devices, Blackberry devices and Windows Phones. Using M2Fleet, you know what is going on with your fleet, anytime & everywhere!.

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Real-time XML/CSV/KML Data Interface

Interested in integrating location and other data into your dispatching, payroll, mobile resource management, CRM and/or ERP systems? M2Fleet's interface can be used to achieve this quickly.