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Need to quickly locate an item that needs service

The service organization in a utility company might have thousands of locations that they service. When a problem is reported it can be a tedious job to find the location of the broken item. It's also common that the service organisation wants to combine multiple service assignments in order to optimize the distance traveled. With M2Fleet Server a Utility company can upload the locations of all service items and show them on a map. The items can be searched by categories and the item names. Multiple items can be shown on the map to plan service assignments.

Need to quickly assign the most suitable and closest vehicle to a service assignment

When a job has to be done right away it is important to assign a vehicle that is close and suitable for the service. In M2Fleet Server you can group vehicles so that you quickly find the type of vehicle that can perform the job. The distance to the job is displayed for all vehicles so it is an easy task to see what vehicle is best suited for the job. Future service assignments can be scheduled for a driver that also can get a printed job schedule for each day.

Need to explain the route and adress of the next service assignment to the driver

It can be difficult to effectively communicate the location of a service assignment with the driver. When he is driving he should not talk in the phone and it is easy that the destination of the next job is misunderstood over phone. With M2Fleet Server the dispatcher can send the position of the next service assignment directly to a Garmin device in the Vehicle. The driver can then accept the assignment and get drive instructions on the Garmin device. If a Garmin device is not in place the dispacther can also comunicate with the driver by using text messages from M2Fleet server to the drivers mobile phone (to be used when the driver is not driving).

Need to follow up on optimal usage of the service fleet

The two main costs for a service fleet are the salary of the staff and the cost of the vehicles. Fuel is increasingly expensive and it is important to use the fleet in an optimal manner. M2Fleet Server can send daily or weekly reports over email with essential information about fleet usage. By monitoring the total idle time or the total distance travelled its possible to dramatically increase the performance of the fleet over time.